Teddy bear AMigo
Teddy bear AMigo in brown for hugging. Material 100 % polyester, filling polyester fibres. Waschable at 30 °.
€ 20,00
Tranquillity Home Fragrance
€ 132 / 1.000 ml Delicate floral fragrance soft and captivating to create a relaxing environment. For all those who want to create a time and place to relax. Aromatic floral relaxing essence.
€ 70,00
SPA bag »Alter Meierhof«
High-quality color block shopper by Handed by in the edition "Alter Meierhof". The bag has been braided by hand and is made from recycled plastic to minimize the impact on the environment (color: bag cappuccino and handles gray).
€ 45,00
Pestemal »Alter Meierhof«
Extra thick pestemal edition »Alter Meierhof« with white and handemade fringes. 100 % cotton in a solid and strong weave. Washable at 40°.
€ 35,00
Comfort Zone Tranquillity Candle
€ 178,57 / 1.000 ml The relaxing fragrance with intense floral notes, sweet orange and cedar wood, provides a pleasant feeling of well-being and leaves a pleasant ambience.
€ 12,50
Notepad »Alter Meierhof«
Practical notepad with glue binding in the edition »Alter Meierhof« . Single sheets are blank and easy to tear off.
€ 8,00
Seal Amanda
Seal AManda in grey for hugging. Material 100 % polyester, filling polyester fibres. Waschable at 30 °.
€ 20,00
Notebook »Alter Meierhof«
Notebook by company Leuchtturm in the edition »Alter Meierhof«. Format is A5 with 249 numbered blank pages. Black hardcover with blind embossing on the front page, bookmarks and elastic fastener.
€ 20,00
Comfort Zone First Class Hydra Kit
€ 192,30 / 1.000 ml Nourishing and hydrating with products from the Essential and Hydramemory ranges. The set includes: Essential Face Wash, 50 ml essential micellar water, 50 ml Hydramemory face cream and 15 ml Renight face mask, 15 ml
€ 25,00
Comfort Zone 24 Hours Kit
€ 733.33 / 1,000 ml Refreshing and moisturizing with products from the Hydramemory and Renight range. The set includes: 15 ml Hydramemory Eye Gel, 60 ml Hydramemory Cream and 60 ml Renight Mask.
€ 99,00
Flip Flops »Alter Meierhof«
Red flip flops in the edition »Alter Meierhof«.
€ 2,50
Comfort Zone Sacred Nature Kit
€ 915,38 / 1.000 ml Limited edition gift pack for skin and face care. The set includes: 50 ml nature cleansing balm, 30 ml nature youth serum and 50 ml hydra cream.
€ 119,00
Comfort Zone Remedy Kit
€ 512,50 / 1.000 ml The Remedy series convinces with natural ingredients. The set includes: 100 ml Remedy cream to oil and 60 ml Remedy defense cream.
€ 82,00
Pinafore »Alter Meierhof«
Pinafore for cooking in the edition »Alter Meierhof« with golden high-quality embroidery, shoulder strap with adjustible buttons and belt. 65 % polyester, 35 % cotton. Washable at 95 °.
€ 35,00
Comfort Zone Tranquillity Kit
€ 247,37 / 1.000 ml The two bestsellers from the popular series of Comfort Zone. The set includes: 200 ml shower cream balm and 180 ml body cream.
€ 94,00
Umbrella »Alter Meierhof«
Large umbrella in the edition »Alter Meierhof« with fiberglass shaft, foam grip and metal spokes. Material: polyester.
€ 15,00
Comfort Zone Hand & Body Ritual Kit
€ 321,43 / 1.000 ml Pampering package for hands and body with products from the Specialist and Tranquillity series. The set includes: 75 ml Specialist hand cream, 15 ml Specialist cuticle oil and 50 ml Tranquillity body lotion.
€ 45,00
Comfort Zone Day & Night Hydra Glow
€ 321,43 / 1.000 ml The perfect solution for instantly radiant, hydrated skin! The new Renight Ampoules and Hydramemory Ampoules with highly concentrated bioactive ingredients provide the skin with intense moisture and have a firming and renewing effect - for immediately visible results. The set includes: 60 ml Hydramemory Cream, 60 ml Renight Cream, 2 x 2 ml Hydramemory Hydra & Glow Ampoule and 2 x 2 ml Renight Bright & Smooth Ampoule.
€ 125,00
Kids Pinafore »Alter Meierhof«
Kids pinafore for cooking in the edition »Alter Meierhof« with golden front print, shoulder strap and belt. 65 % polyester, 35 % cotton. Washable at 40 °.
€ 20,00