Two in One Cleanser 200 ml
€ 38,50 / 100 ml A perfect innovative combination of skin-friendly emulsifiers and detergent substances based on amino acids for intensive deep cleansing of the skin. Replenishing, skin-friendly lipids support the skin‘s ability to retain moisture. At the same time, the skin is provided with nourishing components.
€ 85,00
Starter Facial Booster 200 ml
€ 54,00 / 100 ml Special product for intensive facial skin stimulation. The balanced combination of equalizing plant extracts and boosting ingredients gently stimulates the tissue and strengthens the contours. The natural skin functions are supported and the skin appears smoother and firmer.
€ 125,00
Beta-Enzyme Exfoliator
Efficient skin care gel based on mild hydroxy acids in combination with a papain enzyme complex for the targeted refinement of skin structure and for lasting moisturisation.
from € 72,00
Cell Power Vital Serum
Highly concentrated active care that increases the epidermal cell activity. Particularly well suited as a cosmetic treatment to accompany collagen injections.
from € 126,00
Tissue Activator Serum
Highly concentrated active care with ingredients that improve the dermal skin functions. Particularly well suited as a cosmetic treatment to accompany laser treatments.
from € 164,00
Optimal Lift Serum 30 ml
€ 693,33 / 100 ml Multi-active serum for preventing lines, mitigating and reducing existing and also deeper lines, particularly on the forehead and in the eye area. For any skin type, especially for tired, stressed skin.
€ 215,00
Skin Sealer Protection Shield
Rich active care product with palpable smoothing and nourishing properties.
€ 168,00
Eyelift Cream 30 ml
€ 493,33 / 100 ml Cosmetic eye lifting that newly defines the area around the eyes within the shortest possible time and visibly imparts smoother and tighter contours.
€ 153,00
Cell-Power Neck & Decollete Cream 100ml
€ 186 / 100 ml Rich, intensive nourishing cream that actively enhances skin performance.
€ 192,00